EOG Resources Niobrara Shale News

In a February 17, 2011 report to investors, EOG Resources stated that they are now the largest oil producer in the Niobrara Shale, as well as the largest Eagle Ford shale oil producer. EOG Resources has over 300,000 net acres leased in the Niobrara shale play.

In the Niobrara shale EOG is currently running a 3 rig drilling program with 40 wells planned in 2011.  Initial production from new Niobrara shale wells is impressive, with the Jake 2-01 H producing 1558 barrels a day and the Red Poll 10-16H producing 1,100 barrels per day. 

Below is a map of the Niobrara shale showing EOG Resources activity. This map is from eogresources.com

A typical Niobrara shale well drilled by EOG Resources is producing 82% oil, 12% natural gas liquids and 6% natural gas.