Woodford Shale Play In Oklahoma About Oil As Well

The Woodford shale play in Oklahoma is “not just about gas” as was stated in a recent report to investors from Newfield Exploration Company.  The Woodford shale play  is located in Southeastern Oklahoma and is the subject of increased interest from a number of oil and gas exploration companies due to its high liquids content. The Woodford shale is proving to be “oily” west of Atoka and Pittsburg counties. (See map of Woodford shale below.)  Newfield Exploration has drilled six wells to date in the Woodford shale play and reported production to be about 35% oil with an API gravity of 41.  Average BTU of natural gas was 1300.

What is the Woodford shale? It is a Mississippian age formation (from 359.2 to 318.1 million years ago) that is found in Oklahoma in the Anadarko and Arkoma basins. Depth of the Woodford shale in Oklahoma ranges from 5,900′ to over 12,000′.  The Woodford shale play turns “oily” toward the west in Hughes and Coal counties, as seen in the illustration below.  (The green shaded portion of the map is where more oil is found in the shale.)

Below is a map of the Woodford shale in Oklahoma.

map of woodford shale in Oklahoma

Newfield Exploration reported that production averages for four of their wells in the Woodford shale liquids play to be 760 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Newfield Exploration’s plans for 2011 in the Woodford shale play are to run 2 to 3  rigs and drill 12 to 18 wells. The company holds 172,000 net acres, largely held by production.

Horizontal drilling is being used in the Woodford shale play, along with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.